Submissive training.

Note: if you view training as a way to get laid. Or you just use it to move from one affair to another as a means of cheating on your spouse PLEASE READ NO further. Go read some fiction on



The Nightmare

A young man sits in a fetish bar dressed in a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a leather collar around his neck. He sits alone wondering why the local Female Dominants would not touch him. He does not understand the collar represents ownership and a signal for others to keep their hands off. He is unaware that “white tee-shirt and jeans” is the standard uniform of an “old guard” slave. Yet this young man wonders why no one will talk to him.

A young man walks up a flight of stairs into his first dungeon. He sees two women playing in an S&M scene. He sees two women and sits next to them. One was dressed in leather skirt with high-heeled boots and the other simply dressed in a business suit. One of the women introduces herself to the new comer. She asks a simple question, “Are you Dominant or Submissive?” The young man’s answer was “I don’t know I think I’m Dominant?” The woman smiled and said, “You are new and need to be trained. To be a good dominant you must first to learn how to be a good submissive.” She then ordered the man to strip and kneel at her feet and for the rest of the evening he was her ashtray. Was this training or deception?

A woman discovers this thing called “The Lifestyle” on the Internet. She meets a man for coffee. He tells her she needs training then takes her back to his home. He beats her and has sex with her, then a few days later he tells her training is complete and then releases her. She realizes she has learned two things; training and sex are the same and when someone says they will train her, they are just looking for sex.

A young woman attends an S&M club after reading all the books and the online chats she is ready to get on a Saint Andrew’s cross to be flogged. As she is receiving her flogging, she is telling the dominant what she wants. He tosses the flogger to the ground and walks away. When she asks what she did wrong he told her you were topping from the bottom.

The river BDSM runs deep and the currents can be deadly. The untrained submissive or the self-taught slave must navigate its deep dangerous waters. Over the years this river has grown and it seems that the amount of predators looking for prey has grown with it.

Welcome to the world of BDSM

The world of BDSM is one of rituals and protocols wrapped in the mystery of power exchange. It is a world of Dominance and submission, a dance between Master and slave. A lifestyle built on a foundation of consent and safety. A person, aware of the risks of their kink, will dive into this deep river of pain and pleasure. It can be a world of bondage and discipline that will transport a couple into the intensity of passion and delight that is beyond the description of words. To some it is a way of life to others it is the foreplay to the bedroom. The letters BDSM are inclusive. BDSM has a wide meaning, the BD bondage and discipline, the SM Sadism and Masochism the DS Dominants and submission.

From the “bedroom player” to those looking to explore “Master/slave relationships”, this book is for you. Not only can “Master trainer” use this book, but the “novice” as well. It should be the goal of the novice to learn and grow. It is suggested you get a training mentor. This book is for the trainer in hopes the trainer will build a better training library. This book will cover the “Basic Training” every submissive/slave needs to survive this deep river we call the “Lifestyle”.

The Lifestyle" is also known as the world of BDSM. In this world there are a host of smaller worlds know as modalities or models. These “Modalities”, which may or may not include SM. Worlds known as “Gor” or “Old Guard” these, are different modalities of Dominance and submission. There are those who only wish to practice Dominance and submission without feelings or emotions. For some the D/s has become the foundation of their relationship.

There are different types of dominants as well as different types of submissives on different levels. In this book the terms will be interchangeable as well. For the purpose of training both submissive and slave should have the same basic training. The terms male and female will also be interchangeable unless there is a part that pertains to one or another. Male and female submissives/slaves are different and not all training methods will work with the other.

A well trained submissive is like a gem. Whether the dominant is planning a quiet dinner party or is planning a night at the local dungeon the submissive is like a rare treasure providing the best for her Dominant. With just a moments notice a well-trained submissive can arrange a dinner party to the pleasure of her master. With very little instruction a well-trained slave will know exactly what makeup to carry for his mistress.
What is Training

Training is not a sexual act. It is not learning how to perform simple oral sex. However there is a sexual component to training. Training is not teaching someone how to be submissive. Real life slavery is immoral and illegal. You cannot make someone be something they are not. And it will be said over and over again you cannot train someone to be submissive or slave. But you can train a submissive/slave to be superior.

Training, this is something needed for every good dominant & submissive. Proper training can cement the bond between Master and slave, Mistress and her boy, the Dominant and the submissive. One of the most important things you will ever do is train a submissive. You will be molding this person in the D/s BDSM lifestyle. You will be laying the foundation for this person. You are providing them with the tools they will need to survive in this BDSM world. This person has trusted you with their education. This is there training they will need to server their future master. You are responsible for their protection. And you are responsible for their behavior both in public and in private.

Do not take training lightly.

Also there are those who will accuse you of using the person you are training. If you're a Dominant of honor there is no need to respond to such accusations. Remember the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Simply put, your works will silence their words.

Last not all you train will complete your training nor will they live up to your expectations. Just be honest, respectful and do the best you are able to do. And remember above all let honor be your guide.

Learning the single tail

A few years ago, I watched a man use a set of single tail whips. His precision was, as one would play a concert Violin. I watched as the two whips danced along the back and buttocks of the slave. I enjoyed the expression of rapture on the face of slave as the whip master mixed pain and pleasure.

I thought to myself, I am a master of the crop and flogger how hard can this be? So, in my arrogance I picked up a similar whip know as the 3-foot single tail. I snapped the whip in the air and I fell in love with the sound. I snapped it a second time watching the coil of the whip. Then like a snake, it recoiled striking back on me. It’s target my testicular region. The bite was unbearable. I tossed the evil apparatus to the ground and walked away.

Since then, I have watched different masters work this “toy”. My trainee Sir Jim’s “d” wanted to experience it so I let her to one of these masters. I watch in awe as he made her body sing with both pain and pleasure. However, in the back of my mind I would always remember the bite of that snake.

Then a few months ago I met inspiration and motivation. Her name was “slave phoenix”. I gave her the name. She awoke the dormant Master and the desire to learn & improve. This time I placed the single tail in my hand with respect not arrogance. As I had watched, others do for years. Now my time had come.

I set up a self-disciplined training plan for myself. I took something and hung it. It was my leather vest. I know how much I love that vest so I know I would not damage it. To improve my aim I took a pair of woman’s thong style panties as a target. In addition, I practiced the whip with the respect knowing that one wrong flick of the wrist I would sing one octave higher.

This morning as I sit here sipping my morning coffee, I realize this single tale is the perfect metaphor for Dominance. When Dominance is used in arrogance, it will bite you in the balls. Being a Dominant should be a journey of self-respect, self-disciplined, inspiration and motivation and lastly the desire to learn & improve.

This was the lesson of the single tale.

The Goal

It is the goal to take the reader through the process of training a novice submissive/slave. From that first meeting to the final collar placed upon the well trained submissive we will look at training in steps. This is not the final gospel on BDSM training but a book of suggestions and methods. Some Methods work well other methods may not work at all. At the end of training the submissive will be the gem she/he was meant to be. Free to grow in submission/slavery.

Welcome to basic training.